New-build garden

A few photos (and CAD 3D images) of this recently completed build in Melton Mowbray. As with many garden spaces that come with newly built houses, it had some particular challenges to consider; in this case, it was it’s size, shape and dramatic level changes – 60cm over just 5m! The original concept plan shows all the fun angles and difficult corners that are typical. But just because a garden is smaller, it doesn’t necessarily need to do any less than a larger one, and therefore needs to work that much harder if the design is to be successful. Washing lines, garden storage, tool sheds can all need to be squeezed in alongside seating areas, garden features, and, of course, planting.

The main seating terrace here was created by digging into the slope and surrounding it with raised beds to create the sense of enclosure, which is enhanced by the simple pergola structure. Timber screening hides away the areas that we don’t want to be looking at whilst also providing a backdrop and support for planting. Staggering the path creates greater interest both physically and visually, and, once the planting matures, helps to create a greater sense of space by leading the eye, restricting and revealing views as you journey through the garden or when viewed from the house.