Bird care and wildlife

We stock a wide range of bird foods and feeders, nest boxes and bug hotels. Here’s a selection of the products we regularly have in stock. Please phone us on 01509 8212121 to confirm we have your choice in stock before you travel.

Bird seed

We sell loose bird seed mixes by the scoop in litres, which means you only pay for as much as you need.

Hi-energy no mess bird seed mix

This premium mix of seeds for garden birds minimises waste, prevents growth when spilled, and saves the birds time and energy because the seeds are de-husked.

Bird feeder seed mix

Formulated specifically for clinging bird species for use in tubular seed feeders, this mix is free flowing which prevents clogging. It consists largely of oil-rich specially selected black sunflower seeds.

Bird Table Seed Mix

Including kibbled sunflower hearts, kibbled peanuts and black sunflower hearts, which makes it an attractive food choice for species that feed on bird tables, trays, or the ground. It also includes added calcium grit to help with egg production in the breeding season.

Whole peanuts for birds

Encourage tits, sparrows, finches, nuthatches and woodpeckers, amongst many others, into your garden with this high oil, protein rich favourite. We recommend whole peanuts are fed only through mesh feeders as young birds may choke if fed full peanuts.