Hillside multi-level garden

We’ve said it before but…level changes in gardens may seem like a problem – but are really an opportunity.

The hard landscaping on this tricky site was completed last week, with the planting due to be completed next Spring.

The rear garden, which had been previously terraced, wasn’t working for our clients. The existing terraces were too impractical to use and made the garden look and feel much smaller than it was. Our design was intended to maximise the available space by altering the layout of the terracing and utilising the opportunities this created. Using a series of retaining walls running diagonally across the garden and at various heights, helped to reduce the impact of the overall level change, create longer site lines and allowed us to create a series of linked seating areas and planting beds. Materials were selected to match the existing paving and Swithland slate walls in the garden. Looking forward to planting it up next year.